Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 ( All models)

Are you looking for the Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023? Today we will discuss about the Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 and try to find out the best belarus tractor under reasonable price.

Are you looking for reliable and sturdy tractors in Pakistan to fulfill your farm and agriculture needs? So look no further as belarus tractors is in the market with a legacy of 70 years of excellence that is fully capable of meeting all your agricultural needs. Belarus tractors are famous for their long durability and reliability which gives you the best results. In today’s article we will discuss in detail about Belarus tractor price in Pakistan and know what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Belarus 51047,50,000PKR
Belarus 52049,50,000PKR
Belarus 95256,30,000PKR
Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023


Pakistan is an agricultural country and 60% of its economy is related to agriculture. As the demand for food is increasing rapidly, it is necessary to equip the agriculture industry with equipment that can help fulfill this growing demand. In this case, Belarus tractor is a product that is very reliable and efficient. This is the reason why farmers prefer Belarus tractors because they are best performing as well as affordable. In today’s article we will discuss belarus tractor price in pakistan in detail and help you find an affordable and efficient tractor that can fulfill all your agriculture needs.

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

Belarus 51047,50,000PKR
Belarus 52049,50,000PKR
Belarus 95256,30,000PKR
Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

In fact, belarus tractors are available in the market with a wide range of collection of sizes and models that can meet the needs of all types of farmers, be it big or small. Belarus tractors price in Pakistan varies with their size, model and features. Since the dollar and inflation are increasing in Pakistan, it is estimated that the price of tractors in Pakistan may increase significantly in 2023 in the coming budget in June.

Similarly, Belarus tractors are well known for their affordability and make an excellent choice for customers as a cost effective solution for farmers. Talking about the pricing of Belarus tractors in Pakistan, it can be from 1.5 million to 4 million Pakistani rupees and it varies with the model, horsepower and features. For buying Belarus tractor in Pakistan, it is important that you do complete research on your behalf and finalize the best deal by comparing the pricing of different dealers. Take the final decision.

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Factors Affecting Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

Many factors affect the pricing of Belarus tractors in Pakistan, which we will discuss one by one today.

Size and Model

The size and model of any tractor has a direct impact on its pricing. This is the reason why the price of big and latest model tractors is many times higher than the small and old models.


Similarly, the features of tractors also have a direct impact on their price. Tractors with air-conditioned cabin, GPS navigator, and friendly control are slightly more expensive than simple tractors.

Dealer Markup

Dealers usually charge a lot of markup in addition to the real price of the tractors, due to which it can prove to be a burden for the buyer, so deal only with the dealer who takes minimum markup. I am For this you can do your personal research or take advice from other senior farmers.

Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates also have a great impact on the price of belarus tractors in Pakistan. Since the rupee is constantly depreciating against the dollar in Pakistan, it has a great impact on the price of belarus tractors.

Inflation Rate

Another factor in Pakistan that has a profound effect on the pricing of Belarus tractors is inflation. Since inflation is increasing in Pakistan, the prices of almost all commodities, including tractors, are also increasing.

Import Duties

The government of Pakistan has imposed a high tax on imported tractors in the year 2023 for which two reasons are being given, one is to uplift the local industry of the government so that the manufacturing of tractors can be implemented locally and the other goal is obviously It is to collect maximum tax so that the government can get maximum benefit that is why this factor also directly affects the price of tractors.

Demand and Supply

Demand and supply in Pakistan also affects the price of Belarus tractors, for example, if the demand is more than the supply, then the ownership of tractors increases many times, which makes Belarus tractors expensive. Similarly, if the supply is more than the demand. If it increases, the price decreases. So always buy tractors in off season when their demand is less and the price is very low.

Top Belarus Tractor Models in Pakistan

Several models and sizes of belarus tractors in Pakistan are designed to meet the different needs of farmers. Some of the most successful models are mentioned below.

Belarus 510

If we talk about the Belarus 510 model, it has a 60 horsepower engine that is specially designed for small and medium farms. They come with a 4-cylinder engine that can perform a variety of tasks including plowing, tilling, and hauling.

Belarus 820

Jab belarus 820 has a 90 horsepower heavy engine which is undoubtedly the ideal choice for handling large-medium scale farms. It comes with a 6-cylinder engine that is designed to perform heavy duty tasks like harvesting and planting.

Belarus 952

If we talk about Belarus 952 model, it comes with 105 horsepower engine which is designed for heavy duty on large farms. They are equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and many modern features are also used.


So it was about the belarus tractor price in pakistan 2023.