PM Youth Business Loan 2023 Eligibility, Application Form, apply online


Are you looking for the prime minister youth business loan apply online? Today we will help you to apply this loan and we will also discuss its terms and conditions.

At Bahawalpur economic post, we believe in the power of youth entrepreneurship and the positive impact it can have on the economy. We understand the challenges faced by young individuals who aspire to start their own businesses but lack the necessary financial support. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to the PM Youth Business Loan initiative, an empowering program aimed at providing financial assistance to young entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Prime minister youth business loan apply online

The PM Youth Business Loan program is a visionary initiative launched by the Government of Pakistan to stimulate economic growth and encourage entrepreneurship among the youth. This program offers accessible and low-cost financing options, enabling young individuals to turn their business ideas into reality.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the PM Youth Business Loan, aspiring entrepreneurs must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 45.
  • The program is open to Pakistani citizens.
  • Minimum matriculation (10th-grade) education is required.
  • The business proposal must be economically feasible and sustainable.
  • Applicants should have a clean credit history and be able to demonstrate their ability to repay the loan.

Loan Features and Benefits

The PM Youth Business Loan offers a range of features and benefits that make it an attractive financing option for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Loan Amount:

Entrepreneurs can secure loans ranging from PKR 100,000 to PKR 5,000,000, depending on the nature and scale of their business venture.

Markup Rate

The program offers a highly competitive markup rate, making it easier for borrowers to manage their repayments.


Unlike traditional loans, the PM Youth Business Loan does not require collateral, reducing the barriers to entry for young entrepreneurs.
Tenure: The loan tenure can extend up to 8 years, providing ample time for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.

Grace Period

A grace period of up to 1 year is available for loan repayment, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on business operations during the initial stages.

Application Process

The application process for the PM Youth Business Loan is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow these steps to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey:

Visit the official PM Youth Business Loan website.

You can apply for this loan through official website of this loan scheme here.

Register an account and create a profile.

Fill out the loan application form with accurate and detailed information about your business proposal.
Attach the required documents, such as your National Identity Card (NIC), educational certificates, and business plan.

Submit the application online.

Loan Disbursement and Monitoring
Once your loan application is approved, you will receive the funds directly into your designated bank account. The PM Youth Business Loan program also emphasizes monitoring and support to ensure the success of your entrepreneurial venture. Regular monitoring visits and business advisory services will be provided to assist you in overcoming challenges and maximizing your business potential.

Success Stories

The PM Youth Business Loan program has empowered numerous young entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their dreams and contribute to the country’s economic growth. Here are a few inspiring success stories from individuals who have benefited from the program:

Zainab Ahmed

Zainab, a passionate fashion designer, utilized the PM Youth Business Loan to establish her boutique. Today, her brand has gained recognition both locally and internationally, creating job opportunities for others in the fashion industry.

Ali Khan

Ali, a tech-savvy individual, started his own software development company with the support of the PM Youth Business Loan. His innovative solutions have helped various businesses streamline their operations, leading to increased.

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