Copper rate in pakistan today 2023

Copper rate in pakistanPer kg rate
Copper Rate in Pakistan Today2300-2600 PKR
Scrap Copper Rate in Pakistan Today1590- 1680 PKR
Copper rate in pakistan

Copper rate in pakistan today is mentioned on above table and these pricing is change after few time.

Copper is the one of the most demanding metal having thousands of applications. There is no doubt Copper is the back bone for the modern industrial age with its wide range of use. There are number of copper qualities and their types are currently available in marrket. In pakistan you can buy both new and the scrap copper with reasonable price.

List of Copper Manufacturer in Pakistan

There are following Copper manufacturer’s are currently working in pakistan and producing the high quality copper for the different industrial players in pakistanm

  • Ali and Company
  • Pioneer Cables Limited
  • Veracom International
  • Orient Trading Company
  • Musleh Trading
  • Pearl Cables and Conductors
  • Ganar International
  • Trading Strings
  • I&H Trading and Manufacturing
  • MM Enterprises
  • Bushra Enterprises
  • Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  • Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  • Copper World
  • Petro Sourcing
  • Mirza Traders
  • Future Traders
  • PM Engineering
  • System Electrical and General Equipments
  • Maaz 360 Private Limited

Use of Copper in different segment of Societies

If we talk about copper, it is the most used metal in human history and is used for thousands of purposes. Copper is used on a wide scale everywhere, be it utensils at household level or industry. As for copper, it is a superconductor metal, which makes it widely used in all electrical applications, and even as currency coins, copper has been used for a long time. Hence it is the most widely used metal whose special properties make it stand out among all metals.

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So it was all about the Copper rate in pakistan today. Copper is one of the most using metal on earth since thousands of years. Its use is spreas from home to home level to industrial level. There are number of qualities comes with copper which decided the price if the copper. Most pure copper is normally considered as the most high quality and highest price.