New holland tractor price in pakistan

Are you looking for the New holland tractor price in pakistan? New holland tractors is the most trusted name of tractors in the agriculture industry in Pakistan, which is offering high-quality tractors to its customers, which are designed in such a way that it is suitable for farmers and growers. Their durability, reliability, and advanced features make this tractor a great opportunity for a long-term investment.

If we talk about the price of new holland tractors, there are many factors in the pricing of new holland tractors in Pakistan which directly influence their final price. These include tractor model, engine horse power, lifting capacity and other factors that directly affect their pricing. In today’s article we will discuss new holland tractor price in pakistan and see which tractor is the best choice for you.

New Holland 480S TractorPKR 1,700,000
New Holland TD 95 TractorPrice: PKR 4,150,000
New Holland NH 480 Special Edition TractorPKR 1,700,000
New Holland TD 75 TractorPKR 3,500,000
New Holland Ghaibi TractorPKR 1,450,000
New holland tractor price in pakistan

New holland tractor price in pakistan

New Holland Tractor Models and Prices in Pakistan

If we talk about new holland tractors in Pakistan, the company is offering a range of models from compact tractors for small farmers to heavy duty tractors for large farmers. Here we will discuss some famous holland tractors models which are very famous in Pakistan and are mostly used.

New Holland 480S Tractor

  • Price: PKR 1,700,000

We have the number one new holland 480S tractor which is a very versatile and efficient machine capable of performing all kinds of challenging jobs. It has 55 horsepower engine, 1600kg lifting capacity, making it the best choice to perform in medium size farms.

New Holland TD 95 Tractor

  • Price: PKR 4,150,000

nother model called TD 95 is a powerful machine that comes with a 95 horsepower engine and has a lifting capacity of around 3200kg. It is a perfect heavy duty tractor for performing tasks like plowing and tilling specially designed to work in tough terrain.

New Holland NH 480 Special Edition Tractor

  • Price: PKR 1,700,000

Then another quality machine NH480 is a special edition of holland tractors which is a reliable and efficient machine specially designed to perform in small and medium farms. It has a 55 horsepower engine and a lifting capacity of around 1600kg. Which makes it an excellent choice for performing tasks like planting, hauling, and harvesting.

New Holland TD 75 Tractor

  • Price: PKR 3,500,000

Similarly, TD 75 is another useful machine that can prove to be very powerful and highly productive. It is a 75 horsepower tractor specially designed for medium and large scale farms. Its lifting capacity is 2400kg which makes it the best option for working in the toughest and challenging situations.

New Holland Ghaibi Tractor

  • Price: PKR 1,450,000

While the company has made Ghaibi tractors for small scale farms which can perform well in small scale farms. It is equipped with a 50 horsepower engine and has a lifting capacity of around 1200kg, making it an excellent option for hauling and light tilling.


So it was all about the new holland tractor price in pakistan. Purchasing a New holland tractor in pakistan can be a wise investment for farmers and growers. With their advanced features, durability, and reliability, they are designed to meet the needs of various agricultural tasks. The prices of New Holland tractors in Pakistan vary depending on the model and its features. However, with our comprehensive guide, we hope to have provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and get the best value for your money.