5 legit ways to make money online

Making money online has become a new fast emerging trend in today’s digital world which is being adopted by most of the youngsters. Whether you want to earn money by working part time online or looking for a full time career you will easily find countless opportunities on online platforms. From freelancing skill based job to a full fledged online business you will get countless possibilities. In today’s article we will explore 5 legit ways to make money online that will help you make money online.

5 legit ways to make money online

There are following 5 legit ways to make money online methods of all time.

  • Online Surveys
  • Online Teaching
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Digital marketing
5 legit ways to make money online

Online Surveys

As far as making money online is concerned, online surveys are one of the best ways to make money in your free time that can generate a handsome amount. In general, companies always value consumer feedback and are often willing to pay for it. Even today, there are many websites on the Internet that pay you a lot of money to complete surveys. These can be different types of surveys, including vindale survey, swagbucks, and surveys junkie. But remember that this is not a very lucrative job but it will make you a handsome amount.

Online surveys are very important in today’s modern world and online surveys generally help various businesses and companies to get immediate and quality feedback from their consumers and customers which helps these businesses to improve their services. does. Generally, an online survey is an online questionnaire that is conducted on the Internet through a special software. Online surveys are generally much better than traditional surveys and with them we can collect data faster, the cost of which is also very low and the flexibility is also very high.

The biggest advantage of online surveys is that you can reach a large and diverse audience in the fastest way. By using the Internet as a tool, you can easily approach a larger audience than traditional surveys. In general, online surveys can reach their audience using various mediums, including websites, emails, and various social media platforms.

If we talk about the benefits of online surveys, then one of its major benefits is its low cost compared to any traditional surveys. In this you do not have to hire staff nor do you have to spend a single cent on printing and mailing cost. Moreover, online surveys are completed by respondents without spending a single cent on surveyors.

Similarly, another advantage of online surveys is that they give you flexibility in terms of survey design and data analysis so that you can get the best results. For this reason, different businesses can customize online surveys according to their needs so that they can get the desired results. Similarly, many online surveys offer advanced data analysis tools so that you can quickly and precisely analyze the results of the obtained data. So that the latest trends can be easily found out.

But while there are benefits of online surveys, there are also some concerns and drawbacks of which the most important concern is whether the survey has been filled by the target audience. On the other hand, social media platforms and emails make it difficult to ensure that surveys are completed by the intended recipients. Moreover, the results of online surveys can be biased and also the respondents may not give truthful responses in online surveys.

Another challenge is that online surveys are not well designed and may not provide us with meaningful results. Poorly designed online surveys can lead you to false and inaccurate data, which can lead to a waste of both money and time. And thus businesses cannot get the desired results due to these wrong and inaccurate results.

Online Teaching

If you have expertise in a particular subject or skill, you can monetize it by utilizing it and teaching it to others. Online teaching includes online tutoring, coaching as well as online course buy and sell. You can teach anything online from cocking to music lessons and science subjects to any skill set. Many websites exist today like Udemy, teachable and skillshare etc. where you can create and sell your online courses and generate a handsome amount. Similarly, you can also earn by providing tutoring services on several online platforms such as Wyzant, TutorMe, and Chegg.

In today’s era, online tutoring has become a way that educators can share their skills and knowledge with students around the world through online teaching. If we talk about online teaching, it can be of many types, from teaching an individual to teaching a group and even a class. The most important advantage of online teaching is that it Provides flexibility to both teacher and student. If you do online teaching, you have the convenience of sitting in any part of the world and doing online teaching at your own time. It also provides an opportunity to all students to get world class education easily at their home.

As far as online teaching is concerned, it covers a wide range of subjects, from math, to physics, chemistry, arts, music, or any skill education. Even different languages including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and German are taught in large numbers in online teaching. Many teachers who specialize in a particular domain create courses and sell them online. It is a golden opportunity for educators that not only they can share their knowledge to students across the world but they also earn a good amount easily. You can earn paisay by creating online courses in different platforms like Udemy, skillshare.

Similarly, one of the different types of online teaching is individual tutoring in which you teach only one student. Many students are not able to clear the concepts in traditional classes due to which they need special classes which online teaching can prove to be the best method. By which not only students can do their best preparation but teachers also generate a quality income. Online tutoring can also be conducted over one-on-one video sessions using platforms such as Zoom and Skype, as well as asynchronous platforms such as email and messaging platforms.

Similarly, group classes are another popular method that makes learning possible for students in a more engaging and interactive way. A wide range of subjects can be covered in group classes, from science subjects to arts subjects and from music to languages in a very easy way. The biggest advantage of group classes is that students mostly ask questions in live classes due to which many concepts are cleared during the class itself. Online classes can be conducted through online video platforms such as zoom or cousera and edX. You can also conduct group classes.

Ever since the pandemic has affected the world, whether it is business, or education, everything has gone online and we can call this incident a paradigm shift. of learning is many times more effective. If you also have knowledge and skills in a particular domain, then of course online teaching can prove to be an excellent profession.


5 legit ways to make money online

The most popular online money making field is e-commerce which not only gives huge income but millions of people are also in this business. There is no doubt that ecommerce is a lucrative online money making field with a lot of opportunities. When it comes to e-commerce, it includes selling physical and digital products online as well as dropshipping and selling your own products. You can start your ecommerce business on various platforms including platforms like Amazon, shopify, ebay, Etsy.

In fact, the term E-Commerce, which is also called electric commerce in short, generally refers to the buying and selling of various physical and digital products over the internet. It is a revolutionary business method that allows you to take your business approach to a huge audience and become a part of the global economy. Ecommerce brings your business to a large audience and at the same time reduces the cost of your business and streamlines your business operations.

The biggest advantage of e-commerce is that it eliminates geographical barriers and once you enter it, you can sell your products not only in your area but all over the world. This facility has started to provide new opportunities for businesses through which they can not only expand their business but also increase their profit many times over. And businesses of all sizes can now benefit from ecommerce, be it small or large. Now all businesses can build their customer audience without investing in any physical infrastructure.

Similarly, now ecommerce allows you to set up your business without renting or buying a store and without hiring expensive staff, which reduces the cost of business to a great extent. Similarly, you can invest the amount that is saved in targeting your customers and get the best results in a very short duration. And in this way the cost of your products and services is also reduced, which directly and indirectly benefits you.

If you start an e-commerce based business, the advantage will be that you will have the ability to streamline your business operations. Moreover, with the help of advance analytic or automation, you can easily track the behavior of your customers through which you can set your business marketing and other strategies accordingly. It helps you take data driven decisions and multiplies the efficiency and profitability of your business.

While e-commerce has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages and challenges. The biggest concern among them is cyber security. Since most transactions in e-commerce are digital and contain sensitive data of customer members, several security measures are required to protect against cyber attacks by hackers. And in case of failure you can get two juicy results including financial loss as well as losing the trust of customers.

And another big challenge is that of transportation and logistics. As e-commerce business is growing, businesses have started looking for affordable and reliable logistics and transportation services so that they can reach customers around the world in a timely and efficient manner. Safety can be delivered. And it requires a huge investment which can help you collaborate with a drop shipping company.


Blogging has become a medium in today’s digital age through which individuals can now share their knowledge and thoughts with the world in an instant and faster manner. A blog can be a website or a special section of a website where readers can easily share the latest articles and blog posts on a daily basis. As far as the benefits of blogging are concerned, there are many benefits of blogging in which you can create your own audience, create your influence in the society, improve your ranking on various search engines and along with that. Can also make a big income.

The biggest advantage of blogging is that you can build a large audience. By regularly posting blogs and staying in touch with your readers, you can win the trust and loyalty of your audience, which will help you a lot in the long term. It will increase your engagement, social media sharing and email promotion on platforms like LinkedIn very quickly, which increases your reach and visibility many times.

Blogging is a tool that helps you a lot in building a strong thought base and credibility in your respective industry. By sharing your experience, thoughts and knowledge in the form of blog articles, you can introduce yourself as an expert and leader in your field. And all these factors increase your credibility and authenticity which ultimately benefits you in the form of partnership and business opportunities.

Also, blogging boosts your ranking on search engines. By posting high quality blog posts on a regular basis, by doing all types of seo including on page seo and off page seo, you can build your website ranking and by ranking many high cpc keywords not only ads. can earn money from but can also increase their business sales and conversions to a considerable extent.

While blogging has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages and challenges. The biggest challenge is to keep publishing high quality content in the form of blog posts on a regular basis, that too with proper SEO, which is a time-consuming process. So that you can generate a strong audience. In this way you can reach maximum audience. And you can make this whole process possible only when you have the availability of time.

Another challenge in this is to promote your content. Even today, thousands of content creators are active on the Internet and if you want to get ahead in all of them, you have to make a strategy that includes promoting the content. You can promote your content through email, social media and other resources but it is best to get it done by a good digital marketer to save your time.

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Actually make money online provides you many opportunities to earn a handsome amount every month sitting at home or in your comfort zone. If we talk about different methods of earning in make money online, then several methods usually come in it, including methods like blogging, e-commerce, online teaching, surveys, and affiliate marketing. But always remember that before starting any online business, you must first complete your research and take all the necessary precautions so that you can be safe from any kind of harm.

Always remember to polish your skill set, increase your knowledge as much as possible and always go into the market with unique ideas only then you will not only be successful in making money online but you will be able to do it as a full time career. But will also be able to adopt.